There is a general theme to the questions we’ve received, below are the frequent questions and associated responses.

Q:    What is the cost of the program?
A:    The cost for 2015, based on an estimated 65 players is $29,914, $460/player.

Q:    What were the costs in the 2014 budget?
A:    The baseline for 2014 was $24,866, $401/player; 2013 was $28,603, $440/player; 2012 was $24,856, $436/player.

Q:    If the cost for 2015 is $460 why are the dues set at $420?
A:    A few players participated in fundraising this last summer and fall which offset dues for the entire program.

Q:    Why the increase for the 2015 season?
A:    There are several reasons but essentially two main circumstances:

- Additional costs attributable to league restructuring

- Reduction in revenue from 2013 to 2014 of 34.43%

Q:    What are we getting for dues?
A:    The breakdown of the dues is as follows:

38.8% – Infrastructure:  Field rental, tournament fees, equipment, balls, nets, travel, etc.

7.0% – League & Officials:  ILA & IHSLL fees, Officials fees

34.3% – Player kits:  Shooter shirt, warm-ups, shorts, reversible, helmet decals, player certs/pins/letters

21.8% – Coaching Staff:  Salary, USL fees, background checks, etc.

Q:    Why were prior year dues less than what the costs were for the program?
A:    Fundraising in past years has subsidized dues; there was a sharp decline in participation in fundraising events in 2014.  The loss in revenue drained the reserves and without a guarantee to replace the revenue to cover 2015 costs there was no alternative but to increase dues to match the expense line.

Q:    Who else besides the Coaching staff is compensated?
A:    Nobody.

Q:    How does the dues compare with other programs?
A:    We conducted an informal survey of four of our competitors in the league, after adjusting to compare “apples to apples” the average was $450.  Our program is still among the lowest in the valley (Ada County).

Q:    What does it cost to play a sanctioned sport like football?
A:    The cost of football this year was $235, which includes school fees and player kit.  However, sanctioned sports are part of the school district budget and further subsidized by gate fees and booster club efforts.

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After much discussion and thought the dues for Spring 2015 have been set at the program’s projected cost less fundraising efforts from last summer and fall. The dues are $420/player, in order to participate in tryouts all fees must be paid in full and registration (two steps) completed in full by Friday February 20th. Please budget accordingly.


1. COMPLETE THIS STEP NOW AS WE NEED TO COLLECT CONTACT INFORMATION (PLAYERS CELL PHONE) AND SIZING FOR PLAYER KITS.  The league is requiring all players to register using the ILA website to insure all participants are valid US Lacrosse members. Your membership must not expire prior to June 1, 2015. In the event you renewal is necessary you will be prompted, the cost of renewal is $35.  There is no cost to register on the ILA site (idaholacrosse.org), click the link and “Register Now”.

2. Dues will be collected via a separate website that will open prior to the end of the year. Lump sum and payment options will be available.

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Attention all players, this is a fundraising opportunity to help offset the cost of dues for the upcoming spring season.  The club has purchased custom Maverick silicone wristbands in team colors, they are available for players to purchase in packages of ten for $15/pkg.  The players can do whatever they would like with the wristbands they purchase, they can give them away, patch lacrosse ball holes in vinyl fencing, melt them down and pour the silicone into molds to create lawn gnomes or a Maverick themed “Superball”, the list of possibilities are endless.  All joking aside (seriously, don’t melt these)…the objective is that they can sell the wristbands for a fixed price of $3/ea or two for $5…I can hear it, you’re doing the math!  “if I sell all ten at $3.00 that’s 50% gross profit.”  The answer to your next question is, YES!  The player keeps all of the revenue they generate and can, AND SHOULD, use it to purchase additional packages of wristbands and do it all over again.  The more you sell the more you will have to contribute towards your dues.  Nobody has these wristbands, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of!mvhs

Rules of the Road:

  • The retail/resale price of $3 for one or $5 for two is fixed, no more no less, no unfair trade, not even if your mother wants to negotiate
  • No credit on your wholesale purchase, cash for the purchase amount is best but a check to “MVHS Lacrosse” works too
  • No refunds on your wholesale purchase
  • Players can purchase as many packages of ten as they want
  • When the wholesale supply is gone, it’s gone
  • Distribution is available at the end of each Fall Ball practice (5PM+/- Tuesday and Thursday @ Gordon Harris Park) through the end of this month as well as Saturday games.  Don’t forget to follow the club on Twitter @MVHS_Lacrosse, for updates

A big THANK YOU to Denise Henning and Robin Rice for volunteering to oversee the distribution and accounting efforts.  In the event you need to reach one of them to purchase additional wristbands they can be reached at 631-1189 and 860-9855, respectively.

While we can’t give what we don’t get, if all the wristbands purchased by the club are sold, wholesale, the player who sources the greatest amount of wristbands will receive a $50 discount on spring dues.

 Go Mavs!

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Please come out and support the 23 Seniors and their families Saturday May 3rd, it looks like it’s going to be a great day #sunscreen. Come early and stay late! Green faces off @ 11:00, followed by Silver @ 2:30, if you haven’t had a chance to watch these two teams you’re missing out. Senior Game festivities will begin at 4:30 with a 5 o’clock faceoff. Hotdogs are going on the grill around 3:30 will be available while supplies last!

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Get your Twitter on!

In an effort to help improve communication the Club has set up a Twitter account to push general information out to players and their families.  We hope this will be valuable resource and that it will reach more of our members with information they want and need.  Please follow us @MVHS_Lacrosse!

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Welcome Mountain View Lacrosse Fans!

August 25, 2013  Farewell to Coach Rodrigue!

Head Coach Alain Rodrigue announced to the team on August 12th that he and his family are moving out East to be closer to family.  “This was always a goal for us, but the timing was unknown.  Last month opportunities presented themselves to us making it good timing,” said Coach Rodrigue.  In his place, the Mountain View Board promoted the 2007 and 2013 Assistant Coach of the Year, Alan Morgan, to take over the 2013 State Champions.

Four years ago next month, Coach Alain Rodrigue took over the Mountain View Mavericks with one goal: to build a quality program that would be in the running for a state title every year.  “My goal was not to follow, but to be the example of what such a program looks like,” said Coach Rodrigue.  It took Coach Rodrigue three years to be a contender and four years to win a state title.  Coach Rodrigue did not only  build a state championship team, he gave the Mavericks direction and structure.

Coach Rodrigue first came on the Idaho lacrosse scene in 1998 as a graduate player/coach on the then nearly extinct Boise State University Men’s Lacrosse Club.  He became the Club President and went to work recruiting.  By his 3rd year, BSU had a 32 man roster and defeated the University of Utah to advance into the play-offs for the first time in program history.

In 2005, Coach Rodrigue took over Boise High who had yet to experience a winning season.  By his 4th season, the Braves were in the State Championship and produced its first All-American with Ben Frey.  Coach Rodrigue then spent one year across the Valley at Meridian High, who also had not experienced a winning season.  Four months later, Meridian was 12 and 5, and was the number one preseason pick the following year.  Fortunately for the Mavericks, Coach Rodrigue moved across the highway.  While at Mountain View, Coach Rodrigue hosted the 2011 All-Star game, started the Annual BlueGreen Camp,  produced Mountain View’s first All-Americans: Josh Buss and Nicholas Guzzetti, and was the 2012 US Lacrosse Idaho High School Head Coach of the Year.

“Mountain View players, alumni, families and fans, I will miss you all.  Thank you for the awesome opportunity.  The memories are forever mine!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”  -Coach Rodrigue

The Mavericks anticipate Coach Rodrigue will continue building kids and programs where ever he lands.  Thank you and best of luck Coach!

August 12, 2013  4th Annual BlueGreen Camp a Huge Success

In late July, 78 lacrosse players from all over the valley attended the 4th Annual BlueGreen lacrosse camp.  The camp was literally divided in half amongst youth and high school players.  Players from six different programs and coaches from two different teams participated.   Camp Director Coach Morgan explained that 5 youth players picked up a lacrosse stick for the first time at camp.  Coach Rodrigue said, “That is one of the main reasons we do this camp.  We want to expose kids to lacrosse in a positive manner and to provide the current ones with affordable quality lacrosse instruction to elevate their game.  I think we have done that!”  The coaches look to break 90 campers next year.

June 18, 2013 BlueGreen Camp is Here!

Download Registration: 2013 BlueGreen Lacrosse Camp Brochure

June 3, 2013 Alumni Game is Off!

Alumni nervous to take on the State Champion and wish to have the summer to prepare.  The game will likely be rescheduled for the Fall.

June 2, 2013 Awards and Farewell to Seniors

The Mavericks say goodbye and goodluck to five Seniors.

Attack Nicholas Collins and Brandon somazzi, midfielder Willy Coleman, defender Ben Little and goalie Chandler Daniels.  Best of luck Seniors!!!

For all of the team awards, click on the Records/Awards tab above.

June 2, 2013  Mavericks Win State Title


May 30, 2013 TVLL Championship Highlights!


- Courtesy of Graphic Shooters LLC

May 28, 2013  Mavericks TVLL Champions

TVLL ChampsThe Mavericks defeat Bishop Kelly 13 – 7 in the Treasure Valley Lacrosse League Championship and advance to the State Championship against Lake City on Saturday June 1st at 12pm at Centennial High School.

The first quarter started with an exchange of goals with BK scoring first and last to take a 4 to 3 lead after 12 minutes.  The first half of the second quarter was a defensive battle as both teams made adjustments to limit the other team’s offensive opportunities.  However, it was the Mavericks who were first to find the holes and managed to put four past the BK goalie to take a 7 to 4 lead at the half.  The start of the 3rd quarter startedmuch like the end of the first half with a quick Maverick goal.  But, 7:24 passed before the Mavericks scored again.  A few minutes later, BK answered with 1:13 remaining.  With 30 seconds left, the Mavericks scored one more to take a 10 to 5 lead into the 4th quarter.  BK then capitalized twice on a couple of Maverick miscues to close the deficit to three.  After the miscues, the Mountain View defense stepped up and at 5:49 the Maverick offense went on a three goal run and then ran out the last three minutes to win the TVLL championship 13 to 7.

May 27, 2013 Eight Mavericks Recognized with All-League

1st Team: Troy Vance/Attack, Nicholas Guzzetti/Attack, Josh Buss/Midfield

2nd Team: Asher Wilson/Defense, Blake Garshak/Defense

Honorable Mention: Kaden Lewis/Attack, Riley Hansen/Midfield, Lee Shaw/Goalie

May 27, 2013  Mavericks Advance to TVLL Championship Game

The Mavericks defeated Skyview 17-5 and advanced to the semi-finals against Rocky Mountain where they again prevailed 15-8 and earned a trip to the Treasure Valley Lacrosse League championship game on Memorial Day against Bishop Kelly.

May 27, 2013  Mountain View Recognizes its 1st All-Americans

Junior Attackman Nicholas Guzzetti and Junior Midfielder Josh Buss earn 2013 US Lacrosse All-American honors.  For the 2nd time in Idaho Lacrosse history, two All-Americans come from the same program.  Another nominee in a close battle with his teammates was Junior Attackman Troy Vance.  All three were in good company with several other great players from across the league.  Great things are expected from all three and other potential Maverick All-American contenders next year.  Congratulations to Josh and Nich!

May 27, 2013

Mountain View Assistant Coach Alan Morgan recognized as the 2013 US Lacrosse Idaho High School Assistant Coach of the  Year!

May 17, 2013

Varsity finished the regular season with three big wins to secure home field for the first two rounds of play-offs.  On Saturday May 18, the Mavericks will face the Skyview Hawks at 2pm at MVHS.  A win will send the Mavericks to the semi-finals against the winner of the Eagle/Rocky Mountain match up.  The semi-finals are scheduled for Wednesday May 22 at 6:30pm at MVHS.

The JV team finished in 3rd place and will face the Eagle Mustangs on Saturday May 18 at 11am at MVHS.

May 3, 2013 (Seniors Recognized and Milk Jug Stays with Mavericks)

Wednesday’s game versus the Rocky Mountain Grizzlies was an emotionally heighten game full of distractions for the Mavericks.  First, the Grizzlies were rewriting a lot of history by defeating everyone they had faced including solid first time wins against Eagle and Timberline.  Second, it was Mountain View’s Senior game.   Attackman Nick Collins and Brandon Somazzi, midfielder Willy Coleman, defender Ben Little and goalie Chandler Daniels all started the game and were recognized at half-time with their family members.  Third, the Meridian Lacrosse Milk Jug was on the line.  The Mavericks won it last year and after defeating the Meridian Warriors just over a week ago, they did not want to part ways with it.  However, the Grizzlies had other plans and they made sure to tell the Mavericks by taking a 3 to 1 lead in the first quarter.  The second quarter started with a quick goal for Rocky and all of sudden Mountain View had their backs against the wall down 4 to 1.  After a few adjustments, Mountain View bounced back and just missed tying the game as the clock expired with a score of 3 to 4 Rocky at the half.  After the Senior ceremony and a quick reminder about the Milk Jug, the Mavericks went to work in the 3rd quarter with 6 unanswered goals.  Mountain View would score another early in the 4th quarter before Rocky would score again and for the last time.  The Mavericks then followed with 3 more goals and with it kept the Meridian Lacrosse Milk Jug for one more year with a final score of 13 to 5.  Mountain View will now face Vallivue this Saturday and Eagle next Saturday with both games on the road at 5pm and 1pm respectively.

The day before, the JV also faced Rocky Mountain and unfortunately struggled from the opening face-off.  The Mavericks appeared to want nothing to do with the Grizzlies after going down 2 to 11 at the half.  However, the Mavericks would mount a 6 to 1 run in the second half to come within 4.  But, Rocky’s defense got stingy one more time turning the Mavericks away, while the Mountain View defense allowed 4 more goals late in the 4th quarter losing to Rocky Mountain 8 to 16.  Up next, your Mavericks will face 2nd year program away at Ambrose Charter School on Saturday at 3pm. (Please note, this game was initially scheduled for 2pm and is now at 3pm)

April 29, 2013

Well, it’s been a while since we posted some news, but your Mavericks have been busy.   Since April 2nd both JV and Varsity have gone on a 3 and 1 run both losing close games to Centennial.  The JV did defeat Boise, new program Emmett and Bishop Kelly who has defeated the Mavericks in the last two TVLL JV championship games.  The JV did not forget the last two years, but the joy of victory was short lived as they will now face much improved Rocky Mountain on Tuesday.

Varsity had a tough lost on the road against Centennial who knocked them out of the Championship game with an overtime goal the year before.  However, the Mavericks did have a “not so pretty” win against last year’s defending champs Timberline and another over BK after dismantling the Meridian Warriors.  The Mavericks now fix their eyes on Rocky Mountain.  Mountain View will need to correct a lot of mistakes over the next two week as they face undefeated cross-town rival Rocky Mountain, 6 and 1 Eagle and Capital who appears to surprise everyone they face.

April 2, 2013

Unfortunately, the Woodinville Washington lacrosse team is no longer able to travel to Meridian next weekend.  They promised the rematch for next year!  Due to the game cancellation, the Friday April 5th game against Timberline has been moved to Saturday April 13th at 5pm in place of the Woodinville game.  This week, your Mavericks are at home against the Borah Lions on Wednesday at 6:30pm and on the road against the much improved Skyview Hawks Saturday at 1pm (JV will play before at 11am).

March 26, 2013

Your Mavericks traveled to Kaysville and Bountiful, UT to take on the Davis Darts and the Bountiful Braves.  Both programs are very talented and played very well all game.  Both programs had a stellar face-off midfielder and goalie.  All game, the Mavericks struggled to gain a possession on face-off.  Plenty of shots were taken, but putting the ball in the back of the cage proved to be rather difficult with some great goal tending by both opponents.  Looking back, it’s no surprise that the score ended the same for both games at 5 to 14.  Defensively, the Mavericks struggled during both first halves.  They did tigthen things up in the second halves, but by that time, the deficits were just to great.  The coaches did notice some great efforts and contributions from the bench.  However, over all team work was to be desired and much work is to be done before the Mavericks begin league play next week.

The JV on the other hand had a successful campaign in Utah.  They played solid defense and moved the ball rather well.  Their focus before next week’s league play will be transition.  This is where the JV appeared to struggle the most.  Your JV Mavericks lost to the Davis Darts 8 to 13.  This score could of easily been the other way if the Mavericks weren’t so slow to get started on offense.  Perhaps it was the 22 degree temperature.  It was the opposite that afternoon as the Mavericks took a commanding 8 to 0 lead over the Braves.  The defense did let up a bit in the second half allowing Bountiful to climb back in, but it never got close as the Mavericks finished 15 to 8.

March 18, 2013

The Mavericks took on Summit (Bend, OR) and Utah powerhouse Alta (Sandy, UT) and won 17-9 and 9-5 respectively.  As the team has been fully aware of since the first day of practice, the Mavericks key for success has to be on defense and defense it was!  The Mavericks held the Alta Hawks scoreless during 5 minutes of man-down in the fourth quarter.  If the Mavericks are going to have any success in the TVLL, they will have to build on their defensive performance, not rest on it!  Great performances were had by numerous players.  The Mavericks played great team defense and offense.  Up next for both Varsity and JV are two talented teams from Utah, Bountiful and Davis high schools.

March 13, 2013

Mavericks elect 2013 Varsity Captains Midfield Chayse Carson, Midfield Riley Hansen and Defense Asher Wilson.  Congratulations Captains!

March 10, 2013

This weekend, Mountain View faced two very talented, classy and well coached teams from Utah (Skyline and Sky View) and another from Nevada (Galena).  The Mavericks first squared off against Skyline (Salt Lake City, UT) who controlled the ball well for most of the first quarter.  With the start of the second quarter, the Mavericks found their rhythm on offense with three quick goals.  In the second half, the Mavericks continued to do the same with 8 different players scoring goals.  As the offense found their rhythm, the defense also came together allowing only one goal in the second half winning 13 to 6.
Next, the Mavericks took on the Bobcats (Logan, UT) who scored first and twice to take a quick lead.  After a few adjustments on defense, Mountain View bounced back and did so often as they took an 11 to 3 half-time lead.  In the second half the Mavericks focused on their midfield defense causing multiple turn overs and limiting the Bobcats’ scoring opportunities. Nine Mavericks scored in their winning effort 17 to 3.
Saturday evening, Mountain View welcomed Galena (Reno, NV).  This time, the offense came out fast with 4 unanswered goals.  On defense, the Mavericks played great team defense causing multiple turn overs, allowing only 4 goals.   Offensively, the Mavericks did a great job spreading the ball with 8 players finding the back of the net in the first half.  The final score was 20 to 4 Mavericks.

Mountain View Lacrosse is trained by Off The Field at Axiom. Where do you train?

offthefield logoaxiomperformancecenter-v1
June 1, 2012 – Five Mavericks get recognized with All-League Honors!

1st Team: Nich Guzzetti Attack, Josh Buss Midfield, Eric Martin LSM

2nd Team: Devin Hollowell Defense

Honorable Mention: Riley Hansen Midfield

Play-off Summary

Varsity went into halftime with a lead and momentum on their side.  Unfortunately, Centennial clawed their way back in to tie and got the game winner in overtime 10 to 11.  Unfortunate for our Mavericks, but this was described by many as the TVLL Championship.  We shall see Saturday if Centennial and Timberline put on a better game!   The Maverick fans were visible and loud, Thank you for the incredible support!

JV had a slow start against Eagle, but eventually regrouped and found the back of the cage 12 times to Eagle’s 8 advancing to the Championship game against BK at BK Saturday at 11am.  Go Mavericks!

Varsity came out firing on all cylinders executing a solid game plan defeating the defending State Champs 11 to 5.  They will now face undefeated Centennial at Centennial on Thursday at 6:30pm.

JV was victorious in a convincing win over Timberline.  They will now get their rematch with Eagle on Wednesday at MVHS at 6:30pm.

Varsity just finished the regular season at 8-4 with a 5th place finish.  The JV finished 7-1-1 losing only to BK and tying with Eagle with a 2nd place finish earning home field advantage in the quarter and semi-finals.

In the first round, JV will face Timberline at Mountain View on Monday May 14th at 6:30pm and Varsity will face BK at BK on Tuesday May 15th at 6:30pm.

Both are expected to do well!  However, they need your support.  Make sure to come out wearing your Blue and Green and make sure to make lots of noise!  Lets get 500 Maverick fans at each game!

If you are interested in supporting Mountain View Lacrosse, please contact us at mountainviewlacrosse@gmail.com  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Follow us on Facebook  mountainviewmaverickslacrosse

Quote: Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.

-William Arthur Ward

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